5 Mistakes Too Obvious For Words On New Police Uniform

One of the most talked about police reforms announced by President Uhuru Kenyatta on 13th September was the blue uniform.

We take a look at some of the too obvious mistakes on it.

1.Many pockets

The clothes are visibly seen with several pockets, this would encourage police to slide in their bribe as compared to other uniforms.

Police are supposed to has no or atleast small pockets rather than what we see

2.Dull and boring

The uniform has not only been described as dull but very boring and old school. Looks like one of the kinds using colonial period.

3.Colour lifted from China

The blue colour was picked from Chinese looking police uniform, something that angered Kenyans

4.Tendering not done

Surprise, another mega scandal in boiling pot.

The uniform has not been tendered, and your guess is right atleast for today

5.Corruption vs Uniform

During the president’s speech no where did he mention about corruption which has derailed the policing service units.

He rather focused on shiny PR channeled uniforms

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