5 Most Common Lies Used By Infidels

Telephone messages, WhatsApp conversations, suspicious calls, cell phone security codes or social networks, as well as strange fragrances, are some of the things that betray an infidel, but there are some in particular that evidence them without them realizing it: such as the excuses they give to the couple.

When a person is unfaithful, he distances himself from the couple, begins to go to places he did not frequent before, has new circles of friends or has a lot of work in the office, so he starts telling lies to justify his absence.

In some cases the lies can be so credible that we even doubt that it is false, but there are others who are simply absurd and very used, so that as soon as we hear them we know that someone else is in the relationship.

However, when you have the suspicion of infidelity, there is no lie that can deceive us however elaborate it may be.

Therefore, below we tell you what are the five most used lies by an infidel. Do not be fooled!

“I’ll stay working late”

It is by far the most used lie because who could blame someone for working hard?

It is common that we sometimes leave from work, but if your partner spends too much time than usual, he does it almost daily, during that time he does not communicate with you or does not answer your calls, and when he gets home does not look stressed as usually we look with so many earrings, then he is cheating on you.

“It’s not what you’re thinking”

This is the first sentence that will come out of your mouths when you begin to point out that you are seeing another person.

Surely it will try to confuse you and make you believe that everything is in your mind, and it will make you feel guilty for thinking like that.

“It does not mean anything”

When an infidel is discovered, he always says that it meant nothing and that he always thought of you.

If it really does not represent something important to him or her, why did he do it? Do not let them manipulate you.

“She (or he) is the one who seeks me”

Maybe the other person was the one who began to seduce, but no matter who was the first, you must take into account that for infidelity at least two people are required.

The moment your partner accepts the other relationship, the only responsibility is for him or her, because he has broken the commitment he had with you.

“I will not do”

If he tells you this after you found out, do not believe him at all!

Someone who cheated once will do it again at the slightest opportunity, or maybe not, but how to know?

Giving a second chance will cause you to live with anguish, worry, insecurity, sadness and doubt if you are with someone else.

After an infidelity, it is best to separate and follow different

 At first it will hurt, but with time you will see that wound will be closed.

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