5 Pillars For A Healthy Relationship We Can Learn From Lulu and Rashid

The emotional intelligence is defined as the ability of each individual to identify, understand and manage emotions properly.

 Its importance is so important that if we do not learn to develop it, it could be impossible to have a healthy relationship.

the 5 pillars of emotional intelligence to have a healthy relationship.

1. Responsibility

In a relationship each must accept that they are responsible for their actions, if they are wrong admit it without creating conflicts.

Among young people, both men and women must take responsibility for their actions and this also includes sexual life. Protecting yourself against an unwanted pregnancy or a sexually transmitted infection (STI) is the responsibility of both and not just one side of the couple.

The most advisable thing is to use double contraceptive method, one of barrier to avoid an STI and a hormonal method in micro doses that in addition to preventing pregnancy have additional benefits.

The contraceptive pills in micro doses are ideal for young women because they provide a 99% effectiveness to prevent unwanted pregnancies, in addition it provides other benefits such as a better appearance in skin and hair without altering the weight.

2. Negotiation and impartiality

Within a couple with emotional intelligence there must be communication about future plans and professional and personal purposes.

Family planning is within these points and the choice of a contraceptive method must be a mutual decision in which the goals and objectives of each one are considered.

According to a study by the National Population Council (CONAPO) in its Sexual and Reproductive Health analysis, the average age of Mexicans to have their first sexual relationship is 18 years, however, it is up to 4 years after it is done. use of the first contraceptive method.

3. Freedom and communication

For a healthy relationship, you have to find solutions to conflicts that are satisfactory for both. Dialogue, be empathetic and listen to the other’s opinion.

4. Emotional integrity

As individuals they must be able to maintain their beliefs and personality, as well as invest effort in the couple’s relationship without losing themselves.

5. Evaluation of the couple

Find and create opportunities to remind yourself of how valuable you consider each other, with details and words. Respect always what makes you different, accept and love yourself as you are.

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