Meet The Woman Who Faints 7 Times During Sex

At the time of having sex, various problems can occur such as pain, premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction, lack of lubrication, etc., which in the end turn that special moment into a stressful and devoid of pleasure.

Fortunately, all these discomforts have a cure; However, there are other uncommon ones that are being difficult to treat, can be high risk.

This is the case of Laura Crow, a woman who faints every time she has sex or performs an activity that requires a lot of effort.

Laura suffers what is known as Debilitating Postural Tachycardia Syndrome, which is characterized by constant playing, laughing a lot, not getting enough sleep or doing any activity that increases the number of palpitations, such as watching a horror movie.

“The first time it happened to me was a shock to both of them Ben (her husband) broke down and when I woke up I was very distressed,” she says.

It all started during her pregnancy

Laura was always a very healthy person, but in 2011, when she was pregnant for the first time, the syndrome began to manifest itself.

When I went to see the doctor, I indicated that they were effects of the pregnancy, but when I consulted a second opinion, multiple examinations were carried out that indicated what I really had.

“I think I had these symptoms before, however, I think it was triggered when I got pregnant,” she says.

At first, I said, I’ve fainted seven times in a day. Now and after three pregnancies, her fainting diminished to once or twice a day.

Sex, the main trigger

The woman mentions that when she is in a state of excitement and adrenaline, she can have up to 180 palpitations per minute, far exceeding the 40 beats that an average person has.

The intensity of the heartbeat is what generates the fainting and although this is caused by any factor, sex is the main trigger.

“When I have sex there is a 50 and 50 percent chance of fainting, the fainting can come at any time, any day, but in the case of this syndrome almost always in bed is very important what is the severity, so the preferable position for us is the missionary who is when I am down, “He says.

She adds that when she faints, she does not feel what is happening and although it is difficult, it does not represent problems for their relationship.

“For him (Ben) it’s very traumatic and worrisome, Luckily, this is not the effect of our relationship, he’s the strongest rock I’ve ever known,” he says.

Despite the effects of having sex, nothing will prevent Laura from enjoying the things that give her pleasure.

“Laughter is also deceptive, Ben likes to make me laugh and sometimes I do it so much that I faint, but I will not stop laughing or having sex because of this syndrome,” he says.

It is difficult for children

Laura confesses that the most difficult thing is not being able to be the mother she wants, because the minimum game with her children, can cause her to faint.

“I dreamed of being a normal mother who could leave my children at school, teach classes with my babies without being unconscious, someone who could stand up at any time without needing assistance or go out with the children for an ice cream”, mentions.

“Even my one-year-old are plays with my hair while I’m fainting, waiting for my husband to come for me. It breaks my heart to see that they have to take care of me, but they are wonderful. So many emotions with my smile, but thanks to my husband and three wonderful children I have the strength to keep going, “I conclude.

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