5 Signs Testicles Give When Things Are Wrong

One of the most sensitive areas of men are the testicles and for this reason should pay attention to any type of pain or discomfort that is present in the area.

  • Strikes or injuries

It is common that this area shows pain for having received some type of blow. Because it is a very sensitive part of a man’s body, any contusion, even a slight one, can generate pain.

  • Infections

Another possible cause of pain in the area is the presence of some type of infection. One of the most common infections is orchitis and this happens due to germ that reaches the testicle via retrograde, that is, it enters through the duct where the sperm comes out, that’s where the bacteria can enter

This is a very frequent infection that can be treated with antibiotics and anti-inflammatories.

  • Tumors

Something that can cause pain in the testicle and that should be treated immediately is the presence of some type of “pellet” or tumor that sits on the area.

If you feel something strange or hard you should immediately go to the specialist because it could be a testicular cancer.

Doctors assures that this type of Cancer is one of those that develop more quickly so it should not be missed.

  • Varicocele

Just as women suffer from varicose veins in their legs, men can develop varicose veins in the spermatic duct, which causes blood to flow which can cause fertility problems. Depending on the severity, a clinical or surgical treatment may be given.

  • Epididymitis

This is an inflammation of the duct located at the back of the testicle, where sperm is stored and transported, which can be very painful and

It is usually caused by an infection acquired through sexual transmission.

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