5 Tips To Manage Jealousy In A Relationship

The jealousy not always have to become negative in a couple, however, there is a line between being in love or being ‘sick with jealousy’.

And is that jealousy will depend on how you manifest it.

In that sense, we tell you 5 tips to control jealousy in a relationship:

1.- Keep calm

“Listen to your heart, but always use your head” is a phrase that is usually heard. And that is how you will avoid saying things that you can later regret.

If you perceive that something is not going well it is important that you have the peace of mind to tell you the things that annoy you.

2.-Strengthen your self-esteem

If, on the other hand, your partner is jealous because a former ex of yours works with you, let it be clear that you do not have to worry. Let him know that there is no other person in your mind than him.

3.-Hide with grace

If he looks at you by observing another person, the best thing you can do is recognize that you were looking at him because he attracts your attention, but acts normal. You don’t have to hide a common situation.

4.- Do not call every 5 minutes

One of the most common mistakes is to ask all the time “if you are thinking”, “who are you with”, “where are you” or why you do not call “, so you will end up drowning your partner and boring him You can do activities that keep you busy and keep you calm.

5.- Know your weak points

Detecting the factors that cause your jealousy will help you avoid fights that do not take you anywhere. Therefore, if you know that there are photos of you with an ex on the social network, you can block the contacts that publish them.

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