5 Ways To Keep Your Relationship Alive

Even if you’ve been with a person for 7 years and you think “I don’t have to work in this relationship anymore, it’s all done”

There is nothing more false than this…. Love is like a flower that must be watered every day.

Both of you must be complete people, that is, you must know and satisfy your own needs and interests.


We also need time and space for ourselves; no relationship can survive being together constantly. Keeping a relationship alive takes a little spark, and having your own lives, you will get it.

Get in shape

Having a partner is not synonymous with leaving you: eat whatever you want, I don’t put on makeup, I don’t buy nice clothes … because I already have a boyfriend. Tremendous mistake.

Being in shape keeps you alive and gives you confidence. In addition to exercising, you have the opportunity to breathe, think and clear your mind.

Do not use the mobile when you are with your partner

How many couples do you see having dinner, silent, both with their gaze fixed on the mobile screen? Use that time to look at your boyfriend and share your intimacy and love.

But you do have to use your phone to be in contact with him

We all like to be cared and taken care of, and knowing that someone is thinking of you is the best feeling in the world.

I am NOT saying that you have to be talking every 5 minutes and riddling the other person with messages, but a “How was the morning?” “How was the afternoon with your friends?” … small details that keep the contact and love alive.

Express your love daily

There are 5 ways to express and experience love: Spending time, Words of love, Acts for the other, Physical contact and Gifts.

We do not all have the same priorities and we can often express love in the way we would like to receive it, without considering or realizing that our partner might need something different.

Spend time discussing and trying to speak your partner’s language instead of your own.

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