6 Good Reasons To Spend More Time Offline

Social networks, news sites, blogs, podcasts, videos – there are several aspects where the internet is very attractive, and useful. However, spending too much time online can be more harmful than beneficial. Find out why staying less connected can make your life better:

1. Improve your health

Taking more time offline gives you more time to take care of your body. Join a gym, go jogging on the street or ride a bike. In addition, several studies reveal that students who take care of their body tend to have better grades in studies.

2. Improve your academic life

Take advantage of free time to read texts, studies, theses, books in your field of study, etc. Take advantage of your college years to develop your career.

3. Improves your concentration

The biggest problem with social networks is the amount of information we receive. On Facebook, we see several photos, texts, videos, and all kinds of news, and on Twitter we are forced to have short thoughts so we can share them in our tweets. The internet, in general, always gets us used to receiving many stimuli, and to think little. To “clear” your mind of this pattern, get into the habit of reading books: reading develops concentration and increases your ability to stay focused.

4. Renew relationships

Many people socialize more in life online than in person. However, “real life” relationships are proven to be much more beneficial, both for your mind and your health. In addition, your friends and family will love being able to count on your presence more often.

5. Minimizes stress

The internet, in general, makes people act in a way that they would not act in “real life”. Malevolent comments, controversial opinions, negative criticisms – all this increases your stress and has negative impacts on your health.

6. Stay closer to your dreams

Whether you like it or not, one thing is certain: you only achieve your dreams if you work hard for them. So get off the internet and go after your goals. Study, work, work overtime, sign up for specialization courses, learn a new language: make your dreams come closer.

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