6 Similarities Between Wilbroda And Silprosa

Jacky Nyaminde aka Wilbroda and Sandra Docha aka Silprosa feature on our local TV comedies on a weekly basis.

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Despite having been casts in different series, the two funny women have 10 great things in common as noted below.

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  1. They poses a strong Luo accent, despite not being from the Luo community. Basically they act as Luo characters in the sets.
  2. Fashion is a taste they understand out of their sets, Wilbroda has been seen on many occasions in stunning outfits, so is Silprosa
  3. They have kids, even though they are jut single mum.
  4. No nonsense characters on set, they look to skin somerone alive while on camera, that is what brings them fame
  5. They are also key characters on set, looking to decide the script of the next show, they are surely a big hit for the both TV series
  6. They are award winning artists in their similar field.

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