6 Things A Woman Expects After Intimacy

After having sex, men often fall asleep or turn on the television, without realizing that women expect anything else.

We know that men act differently due to the hormonal processes of each gender, in addition to influencing the mood, however, a good lover will always look for his partner to have details.

Here are 6 things women want after having sex or making love:

1.-A “I love you”

Although it seems obvious, a woman always expects you to tell her how much you love her and everything you feel for her. A word can make your night unforgettable.

2.- Make plans after sex

Unless it’s too late, it’s a nice touch to come up with plans after having sex. They can go to dinner or even dance and save unforgettable moments together. Do not stay home.

3.- Sleeping embraced

Another detail that many women like is to sleep in an embrace, but you don’t have to get too much, that is, you won’t feel “suffocated”. You can take her by the waist and tell her how much you want her.

4.- That made you feel very satisfied

We also like to know that we are good. Therefore, it is important to tell her how much you liked to spend it with her and that no one had made her feel so satisfied.

5.- Tell her it wasn’t just sex

Nobody likes to feel a sexual object, so during sex you should be very receptive and let them know that you do not use it as an object. Yes, she wants to hear that it was more than sex and there is something deeper.

6.-Talk and laugh

One of the things women love most is knowing that your partner has a sense of humor and what better way to use it after a night of passion. They can also talk about other topics or tell anecdotes, good communication is the key to everything.

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