7 Easy Ways To Steal Passwords Of Your Partner

Have you ever wanted to spy on your partner on social networks but have not known where to start? Do you think he/she wants to hide some conversations from you?

It is possible to find out your boyfriend’s password on gmail, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social networks. But it’s okay?

We pose a story of jealousy and insecurities to make you reflect: some lovers, who could be yourself, who wonder what they should do.

Tricks to find out your boyfriend’s password

1. The most common passwords

Although you think your partner is very smart, it is very likely that you have used some of the most common passwords.

Sometimes for convenience, for fear of not remembering it in the future or because we have run out of new ideas, we use very simple keys. But have you ever wondered about people who could have put them before you?

These are some of the most common keys with which you can try: ‘123456’, ‘654321’, ‘12345678’, ‘abc123’, ‘love’, ‘your name’, ‘the name of your child’, ‘a date important to you ‘or’ name of the page you are trying to enter ‘.

2. The probability is on your side

Although you think you have great ideas, in reality there are many people who have thought just like you. Therefore, the probability can help you find out your boyfriend’s password if you know what the most common patterns are.

In general, the different registers usually ask that there be, at least, 6 characters. As for the numbers, it is very likely that you used the 1 or the 2.

In addition, the most possible thing is that they are at the end of the whole. Between the letters of the password, there will be several vowels. In addition, in the keys in which it is obligatory to put a capital letter, it is probably the first and is followed by a lowercase vowel.

3. Click on ‘I forgot my password’

Some websites give you a clue to try to remember the key when choosing the option ‘I forgot the password’. They are usually questions like: what is my grandfather’s last name? or what is the name of my first pet? Keeping in mind that he is your partner

4.Record the screen

There are different programs such as Quicktime that offer you the option to record the screen. Moments before your partner takes the computer, put it to work. It is very discreet, since only a small notification appears that goes easily unnoticed when you start recording.

When your partner leaves the computer, for the video and save it to be able to see it when you have privacy.

In this recording you will see everything that your boy has done, that is, you will be watching his screen. If you have had conversations on Facebook, Twitter or Hotmail with another person, you can read them. You will even discover the password if you like to see it while you type it.

5. When the account is left open

If you have left your Chrome account open, you can discover your passwords in ‘Preferences’, ‘Advanced Options’, ‘Manage passwords’, ‘Show’. Will appear to list of all the passwords you have left stored on the computer.

6. Change your boyfriend’s password

If you manage to change your boyfriend’s password (either from within if the account has been left open or by clicking on ‘I forgot the password’), you can put whatever you want. Do not forget to give it to remember that your partner does not realize that you have changed it.

7. The applications are your allies

There are different applications that you can install on your computer, such as Keylogger, which allow you to see your partner’s passwords. Another possibility is to use a computer remote control app that will allow you to see live what you do on your computer. Always remember to keep them with hidden option so you do not get caught.

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