7 Genuine Job Vacancies You Shouldn’t Apply In Kenya

It has come to our attention that some companies in Kenya are just predating and preying on innocent Kenyans who are desperately looking for jobs for a living.

As much as the Kenyan government is unable to control the unemployment menace, it should atleast intervene and set guidelines for the recruitment and firing of employees.

It is undeniable that some employers are mishandling job seekers and new employees, based on the fact that jobs are scarce.

But under the new 2010 constitution, this should not happen to anyone.

Here are red alerts that will help you avoid employers who are preying on job seekers

1.A company that advertises jobs in more than seven departments has to be questioned unless it is a new company or it is setting up a new branch

2.If the employer keeps advertising the same vacancy for more than 7 months, that should serve as a smokescreen. It is either the keep sacking the person in that position, or they are not paying well, they don’t give time for adjustment among many other reasons showing power employee management

3.There are genuine companies who require new recruits to pay for certain documentation, this is so heartbreaking and any sane mind should ditch this job

4.If its a school environment, some schools are known to fire and hire new teachers on the edge of holidays, so as to cut costs. This is so unfortunate to one of the key crucial industry players

5.Some companies hide around vacancies with the aim of recruiting job seekers into the sales departments. While sales is a job profession, it should be done in the right manner.

6. Every sales job should have a retainer if you are employed on permanent basis, no employer should keep you in their premises if they are not paying you at the end of the months

7. There are employers who pay Kenyan job recruits as low as below Sh.200 per day. If you are not working on internship basis, and you are a diploma or degree graduate, it is better to stay as an employed victim rather than be paid less than 6000 per month.

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