7 Hot Cars Cute Pastor Natasha Owns

Nairobi city flashy pastor Reverend Lucy Natasha, has a fleet of seven pretty cars hot as her self. To gaurd them, she has a security detail that would rival that of a top politician in Kenya.

The founder of Glory Ministries International has spoken on national and international fora thanks to her great oratory and grasp of motivational and inspiration knowledge.

Below are some quick facts about Natasha

  1. She was raised by a single mother after divorce at young age. She has two siblings a sister named Shiphra and a brother named Shafique
  2. She rose to her self proclaimed prophetess title when a preach prophesied and pointed at her before she rose to the throne. Then she was barely 10 years little girl
  3. She grew up in Nairobi’s Huruma estate and schooled in Umoja before furthering her studies in South Africa
  4. She was ordained into ministry in 2011 at Huruma’s Redeemed Gospel Church
  5. Lucy is still single and believes in God’s right time

Check out fleet of her cars

Her motorcade has been given a code name with initials of ‘Óracle’. Her cars have been numbered from Oracle 1 to Oracle 7

Most of her cars are fitted with ambulance sirens and security flash lights at their noses which are reserved for majorly VVIP and ambassadors

Toyota V8

Toyota Harrier

Mercedes Benz

Toyota Fortuner

Range Rover



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