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7 Things You Should Never Tell A Woman During Sex

With a single word or sentence, we can make those intimate encounters something not so comfortable. And there are phrases that come out of  boy’s mouth are simply like a hook to the stomach to our libido.

Here are seven – and their like – that NONE wants to hear in bed:

“Who is your daddy?”

Surely your beau heard him in some porn movie (yes, more than one man keeps watching these tapes despite having a partner) and the girl looked very happy. But in real life these words just make us think of our father and that’s just bad.

The key guide to having the best sex of your life

“(Insert another woman’s name)”.

We all make mistakes. Being late for an appointment is something we could forget, but calling you by another name is simply unforgivable!

“Shhh …”

If a girl is pleased, it is because the man is doing something right. In a relationship, you both have the right to express yourself and limiting it is off limits.

“I can’t feel anything if I use a condom.”

What? Regardless of what he says, the most important thing is your health. With protection, in addition to preventing an unwanted pregnancy, you will avoid contracting a sexually transmitted disease

“You love this right?”

Another phrase that we can thank porn movies for. There is no need to pause, because if something does not please you, you will let them know immediately.

“Am I the best man you’ve ever been with?”

If that’s your question … maybe you should reconsider.

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