A Simple Act Of Kindness From A Waitress Is A Reward For A Full Sponsored Scholarship

Evoni Williams is an 18-year-old girl who works in a restaurant in La Marque, Texas USA , to pay for her university studies. On March 3, she went to work like any other day, but something different happened on that occasion.

I don't know her name but I heard this elderly man tell her his hands don't work too good. He was also on oxygen and…

Posted by Laura Wolf on Saturday, March 3, 2018

An old man on a respirator asked him if he could help him: I needed someone to cut off the steak he had requested, because he could not do it because he had bad hands. Evoni, without hesitating for a single moment, picked up the knife and fork and prepared, politely, to do it as she was instructed by the old man

This small act of viral kindness has made the Marque, and even Texas Southern University has committed to give her a scholarship of $ 16,000 –Ksh.1.6 ,million to pay for her studies. A small act of kindness that is rewarded. Good karma gives you good things



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