Avril Has The Best Answer For TV Host Who Asked About Baby’s Paternity

Singer Avril has continued to hide from the public the true identity of the man who made her pregnant, this has gone on for long even after delivery the baby.

When she was hosted on the NTV’s Trend Show by Amina Abdi, she said that her love affairs was rather private.

“If at one point in time I will feel like talking about the father of my child, I will but at this particular point in time, I don’t think it’s really necessarily,” said Avril.

Music producer J Blessings has been romoured to be in secrete relationship with Avril, but the duo have denied the claims.

Avril took this chance to challenge Amina Abdi to ask J Blessings if he was indeed the father of her child.

“But if J Blessing comes for an interview on The Trend, si you will ask him that question.”

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