Bad City With Good People? 10 Good-Looking ‘Electronics’ Rogue Nairobi Hawkers Sell

If you threw a stone on a street in Nairobi, it would likely hit a slay-queen or a thief.

Even though Nairobi is listed as one of the cities you are likely to be robbed, it is the city which is bad with good people.

Hardship and need to create a living has send every Nairobian to look for his or her source of living without considering the method of making a daily bread.

As an innocent Nairobi visitor, below are 10 items you should pay attention while purchasing from hawkers!


Nothing will be so disturbing to find this, after carefully unlocking your ‘new’ flashdisk. Take care always

2.Broadband Modem

You need internet from wrong guys, you end up with this!

3. Flat-screen TV

The person who purchased this, ended up taking the wrong property at home. Sometimes the hawkers give you the wrong commodity after packaging. Ensure you package it yourself


A smartphone seems to be off charge or powered off, untill you switch it on and realize that it contains strange electronic components inside.

Well molded mud placed inside a smartphone body

They sell it way below the half-sell price. Say a phone worth sh.30,000 would be sold for only sh.10,000.

Normally they would show you a genuine and hide the fake one, they have mastered the art of fooling your eyes and deceiving your mind.

In return they package the one with mud!

Image result for when you buy a phone in githurai.


5.Movie CD

Movie or song CDs are sold in wrong captions meant to capture your needs. Only to find the opposite of what you wanted


So you buy the same woofer, or a radio with such speakers, the story is no new, Just be on the look out!

Image result for fake woofer nairobi

7.DVD Players

Image result for fake electronics nairobi

8.Mobile Phone Chargers

Related image


Image result for fake laptops nairobi


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