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Brenda Wairimu Opens Up About How Motherhood Has Affected Her Career

When Brenda Wairimu had a kid then momentarily disappeared from the limelight , a few people thought that it was wrap for her thriving career.


But Brenda was not done with the bright lights, fame and fortune just yet and came back bigger and better. The diminutive actress bagged a huge show on the newly-relaunched Ebru TV called Mummy 101.

She admitted that mother hood has influenced her career. “It has affected my career. Most people think that when you have a baby your career is dead, but I keep saying it’s a baby its not a death sentence and guys don’t usually know this but kids come with their own blessings. I wouldn’t have this show on prime time TV if I didn’t have a baby because now I’m talking about motherhood.

It affected my career on a good way because it directed me to where I’m supposed to go.”

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