Can You Be Friends With Your Ex After Separating?

Without entering into the details that have led to your marriage to a break (who has been the one who has taken the first step, if there has been infidelity, if it has been a wear and tear …)

Before a situation such as divorce of two people ideally would proceed before, during and after with a cordiality.

But is this possible? And, most importantly, can you be friends with an ex-husband after the divorce? The answer is in the air or in yourself.

What you need to know if you want to be friends with your ex after divorce

Yes, we are the ones who think that you can be friends with an ex-husband after the divorce, but maybe the question would be different: do you really want to be friends with your ex-husband? It is one thing if you live a friendly separation or a civilized divorce that allows you to maintain a cordial relationship if necessary and another thing is to become the best friends in the world.

Recent studies warn of the relationship between psychopathy and being friends with your ex, but they are only theories. So if you want to maintain a friendship, we congratulate you because you do not lose anything by trying, but keep in mind that you need some requirements so that the relationship does not jump in the air.

1 Bed scenes. A frequent practice error is to lie down with your ex in every encounter after the breakup. As relief is not bad, but it is not an activity that leads to a friendship.

2 Resentment. If you want to be friends with your ex you have to eliminate all the grudge you have towards him. A friendship does not make sense if there are reproaches in between.

3 Expectations. Be realistic with the situation and also honest. Do not pretend to be friends with your ex-husband to return with him. Remember that friendship is disinterested.

4 sons. If you have children, the friendship with your ex-husband will help them not suffer more than necessary for the divorce. But beware, because the theory of ‘for the sake of children’ is known all over the world, what they do not know so well is how to put it into practice.

5 Cast. The distribution of property after divorce is like the chores when you were in a couple, it must be fair and just for both. If there are cracks in this subject, the friendship is in danger.

6 Your best wishes. A friend wishes you the best. Keep this in mind when your ex-husband announces you as a confidant of a friend who remarries or who has found the woman of his life.

7 Break Up. The fundamental requirement for you to have a friendship with your ex-husband is that the break up has occurred on good terms. Yes, we know, breaking up on good terms is not a realistic thing, but at least it was not a terrible break from those that razed everything.

8 Acceptance. In any case, you can not establish a friendly relationship with your ex if you have not accepted that your relationship is broken and if you have not taken that situation willingly. That is, until you have passed the divorce and feel that you are now happier.

And after these little situations that we asked you, do you think you can be friends with your ex after the divorce? We are very interested in hearing your opinion!



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