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How You Can Make Money While Spending This Christmas Festive

Did you know that you can make money while you are spending money in your daily life expenditures? And that the money you have saved you can actually accumulate it and even invest it in a good project? Here is the simple trick you should follow.

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Let’s assume that you want to buy a pair of shoes. The market value of the shoes is 1200, in the upmarket, the shoes goes at 1800 and downtown market the shoes are at 1100.

Say you choose to buy from downtown, and you bargain from 1100 to 900 shillings, you have saved a good 200 shillings.

Now you have even saved the money you would  have lost while buying at the upmarket at 1800.

How many commodities and services do you pay on a daily basis, they are so many and almost uncountable.

But roughly you can save as little as 500 per day or according to your means. So 500 for a month, that would be 15000, one year that is more than 150,000.

You can surely start an investment business with Ksh.150,000




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