Cargasm haaaaaaa by Makanaka Mavengere-Munsaka

I am not a top gear fan nor do I claim to know all about cars. I had never had a cargasm before but that one day when I saw the Chevy Orlando, I could have sworn that people who were in other cars thought I must have seen a ghost. It had just come on the market and coincidentally I was also looking to buying a seven seater as there were new additions to my family. ”I have to test drive this car” I was telling my husband and because he had never seen me in that state he actually agreed and we booked for a test drive. The day came and I remember how my heart was beating so fast when the sales lady said “get in the car” and she handed me the keys. I was like a five year old waiting for a merry-go-round ride. I was in such a state that I asked my husband to drive first and I would take over once I calmed my nerves down.


This car is visually striking and anyone will fall in love with it just by seeing it. I sank into the comfortable seats and closed my eyes as I wanted to relax and just enjoy the ride and imagine for that moment that I actually owned it. “This is a must have if you are looking for a big car” I was thinking as I was ogling at the buttons in the front. Six speakers, climate control, rain sensors, park assist wow “what more could I be looking for”. When my time came to drive I sat in the seat and adjusted the seat to suit my height by the click of a button. The car took off so smoothly and picked up speed that I had reached 80kph without even realising it. It has cruise control so you can release your foot from the accelerator and enjoy the ride without worrying about the metro cop hiding behind the bushes and taking pictures.  I could not believe that it was actually me behind this hunk of a car. I love manual cars so just changing the gears from one to five made me feel like I was the stig himself (only that I wasn’t driving so fast) but it surely felt good. Before I knew it and in what seemed like a few minutes I was advised to start driving back as we were running out of time. I sighed deeply and as I stopped at the robot I stepped on the accelerator and I climaxed by the sheer power of the engine that I was feeling as it smoothly roared.

We got back to the dealership, and because this car has a central locking remote by the click of a button it was locked.  They often say women are indecisive but on that day I went against the norm because I knew beyond any reasonable doubt that this was the car I wanted. As I cooled off after that smooth ride, I smiled to myself because never in my wildest dream did I think I will feel that way about a car. To this date I am still waiting to hear from the bank.

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