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How To Deal With Your Partner’s Deep Depression

We always insist that relationships must be based on communication and trust. Communication so that you can talk with your partner about anything and trust to continue to believe in that person even if you do not always understand it. We wonder how to deal with your partner’s depression when you are trying to overcome it.

What if your partner has depression

When a person suffers from depression, he needs all the support possible, because it is a difficult disease to overcome. The medical and psychological treatment can not be lacking, as well as an enormous struggle for self-improvement. But what role does the couple play in depression? Sadly, in many cases depression is a cause for rupture.

In order for a depression not to end in a couple rupture, the relationship must be well entrenched in its bases. Communication, trust, empathy and unconditional support. Depression generates a lot of misunderstanding and sometimes that person who should support you unconditionally does not understand the reasons for your illness. Do not let that misunderstanding translate into reproaches.

You are probably wondering how you, who are not a professional, can help your partner overcome a depression. Rather than helping your partner, it is not to interfere in your recovery process, not to become an obstacle to overcome, not to treat it with condescension or to respond to your state with detachment.

It’s complicated. The role of the couple is as complicated as that of the one who suffers from depression. But when you are sure that your partner’s problem has nothing to do with your love, when your partner is also a life partner, it is easier to extend your hand to not let it fall. Your job is to support and hold, not push and push.

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