Disturbing Video Emerges Of A White Man Burying A Live Black Man

In South Africa, a video has surfaced on the social media of a white man stuffing a black man in a coffin while he is still alive.


The victim is said to have robbed the white man his valuables before being caught for humiliation.

It is alleged that the suspect was being traumatized so as to give more information to the man who claimed to have been  robbed.

The social media users who saw the video had different reactions.

Watch the disturbing video here, Note- Viewers discretion.



Unious Johnson I’d have BEAT THE SHIT outta dude. Stuffed his ass in that box, drilled two eye holes in the box, after i nailed it shut, Then waited for him to gain consciousness, and slowly buried his ass alive and talk to him the entire time until he could no longer hear my voice, nor I his!! Like I said before all those days of passive blacks begging for mercy IS OVER!!! Don’t let Donald Trump fool you racist motherfuckers into thinking he’s going to bring this type of bullshit BACK!!! If anyone believes THAT your in for a VERY, VERY RUDE AWAKENING!!!

Katrina Brantley This is making me cry they go through a lot over there and that’s they land you fucking dogs.

Les Marie He probably stole because he was hungry or in need. We all know “right from wrong ” but we also know anti-Black sentiment , bigotry, and systematic racism that lead to the decision to steal if that were the case. If the white guy was so “morally upstanding” and a good Christian like most say they are: then , why not give the young man a job with a fair wage and some food. You can FORGIVE the trespass. From his reaction it makes him look like a piece of shit.

Marquice Elmore I laughed and I’m wrong for that LMAO But can you picture us doing this to Stephon and him Yelling ????????????????????

Dewdrop Powell Hahaha yes I just died laughing.

Marquice Elmore Lmao Ian gone lie I’m still laughing my eyes are filled with tears.

Dewdrop Powell Haha yeah let’s go get him.



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