EMB Records In Trouble As More Artists Ditch Bahati Sighting Fight With Wife Diana Marua

There is trouble in paradise under Kevin Bahati’s auspices.

EMB Records key signed artists Weezdom and David Wonder have left the Eastlando Made Better aka EMB for their solo projects.

Amazingly, they are all sighting wrangles and fight with Bahati’s wife and mother of one Diana Marua.

Weezdom signed two years ago, says that his plans with Bahati were thwarted down as soon as he married Diana Marua.

“Tulikuwa na mipango mingi sana ya kikazi na Bahati lakini nadhani vile Diana alikuja into the picture alikuwa insecure na mimi so mipango yote ikaisha. Alifanya kakangu (Bahati), akabadilika kunihusu kikazi, kuishi, kiurafiki na nikawa na mazingira magumu” revealed Weezdom.

Weezdom had lived with Bahati for about three years after he was rescued from streets by same artists, that is when Bahati had not yet married Diana Marua.

David Wonder, another key element at EMB, has left Bahati for the same reasons, David Wonder went ahead to delete all photos related to EMB records

“Kuna vitu mingi siwezi kuongelea lakini kuna vile tulipewa freedom Mkurugenzi akatuambia mimi nimewalea mwenye atataka kutoka atoke mwenye anataka kukaa akae so mimi nikaona nichukue hii opportunity kumake the brand David Wonder,” Davdi Wonder confirmed.

The closes Diana Marua came to light with feud with EMB records signed musicians is with Mr. Seed who was first to lead the mass exodus from EMB Records.

Nimo Gachuri, Mr. Seed’s wife clashed with Diana Marua in an event organized in Thika Town.

Nimo and Diana all wanted to sell tea and coffee in same event organized by the two artists.

At one point, Nimo was kicked out from the event by police when she insisted she will trade the drinks because she was the one behind the idea of selling tea in the night event.

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