Should You Exercise With Or Without Bra?

One of the important supplements for physical activity is to wear a comfortable outfit, with the perfect fit. In the case of women, it is advisable not to exercise without a support, as they may feel discomfort during and after training, in addition, cause breast flaccidity.

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A study by researchers at the University of Wollongong, explains that 31% of women athletes interviewed said they felt pain in their breasts during training. This is due to the excessive vertical displacement of the breasts, which increases when no support is used.

Exercise without a support?

Deirdre E. Mcghee, head of the study and professor at the University of Wollongong, explains that the damage caused by not using a bra during exercise is experienced because the breasts are composed mainly of fatty tissue (fat) and not muscle. These are supported by very fragile ligaments of the skin called Coopers.

When exercising, the breasts are shocked, bounced and stretched by repetitive movements up, down, to one side and the other. When the Coopers’ ligaments are stretched they stay that way, they do not return to their natural form because they are not elastic. This results in sagging breasts and sagging, “says E. Mcghee.

Coupled with the above, the movement of the breasts can also cause back pain, breast pain and tension in the neck in women with prominent breasts. This is because the muscles of the back have to work harder to keep the shoulders forward by the weight of the breasts.

Protect yourself from pain

Then, exercising without support cause breast pain, back problems, shoulders, as well as flaccidity.

Take into account that running without a bra makes the woman’s breasts move up and down by 8.5 cm, on average. When you use support, you reduce the movement level by 32%, approximately. With a sports one up to 52%.



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