5 Benefits Of Walking To Work

Most people take some transportation to get to work or avoid going for a walk to focus on their daily activities; However, this simple activity generates great benefits for your body and health.

According to the latest research, taking a walk helps prevent various cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, improves your physical condition and, above all, you get a better quality of life. Therefore, here we give you five more benefits to stop using the car or public transport to get to work:

1.- Prevents obesity: People who may suffer from obesity due to genetic inheritance, will be able to control it if they walk for an hour. You could get off two stations before the subway or get off the bus to carry out the activity before arriving at work.

2.- Reduce bad cholesterol and raise the good: In some studies it is shown that walking helps burn 300 calories per day, which improves the cardiovascular system. In addition, it lowers triglyceride levels.

3.- Reduces body fat: Walking at least 10 thousand steps a day reduces body fat, to obtain an ideal weight. In addition, it helps to define and tone muscles.

4.- Low fatigue: For people who feel tired and without encouragement, this is a good option. When walking they will receive an energy boost of 20% and a 65% reduction in fatigue.

5.- Improve the mood: With only 30 minutes of walking you will improve your mood, especially in people suffering from depression, because with this physical activity endorphins are released, hormones that promote happiness and The good mood. With this you will carry out your work with greater spirit.

Remember that a sedentary lifestyle increases the risk of obesity or other chronic degenerative diseases. So from this moment forget the car and walk to your place of work. Cheer up!



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