Google Will Snoop On Your Past To Better Predict Your Future Searches

If someone uses the Internet, use Google. We spend all day looking for new products, the latest in fashion, the series that is setting trends, news .

And surely, all these years using the computer, you have created a virtual routine by visiting a series regularly of reference websites , which consult constantly at certain times. Now Google wants to study in detail the way you behave to get ahead of what you need at a particular moment.

This type of technology may not sound like new to you: it really is not. Google has been learning from you since its early years. But this new system that you want to add to your way of working involves other parameters, such as the movement of the cursor on the computer, the habits of the words you are looking for, your history, context clues and content .

All this, applied to an algorithm, will result in a probability that you will get to click on some links and not others. This can mean that without having the cursor over a link altogether, Google would already be preloading that web page.

Although the speed of the Internet has improved considerably over time, for those few seconds in which an information is requested, the server looks for it, the user accesses that information and finally ends up on the computer, they are paramount.

That time is considered valuable for the platform, and it is the one that wants to win with the new technology that will try to move forward in the near future. We will see how it adapts to the requirements of its users and if it really fulfills what it promises.


A new way for Google to spy on you .



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