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What Happens If You Leave A Man With The Desire ?

Sometimes high sexual expectations are created in relationships. Flirting, conquest or whatever you want to call does not necessarily include going to bed.

The sex is one of those activities that can be practiced only if both parties are keen. And speaking of desire, what happens if you leave a man with the desire?

Nothing, absolutely nothing happens if you leave a man with the desire and you can do the test whenever you feel like it.

Or rather, when you do not feel like taking another step with him. There is a certain urban legend that women are used to leaving men with their will. We arrive, warm up and leave, they say. And they have some very unpleasant terms for naming those women that provoke their sexual frustration.

The fact is that it is not a problem for the woman that the man is left with the desire. No woman should take responsibility for the male heater product of her movie maker imagination.

Some smiles, some kisses, some rubbing and I eat up in every way. The optimistic nature of men makes them interpret any gesture of female approach to a sexual declaration. And many times they are wrong.

Getting them out of the mistake in time means leaving them with the desire, but it’s not a matter of sleeping with a man just to avoid damaging his ego.

It is a problem of high expectations, a personal issue that can and should be resolved by themselves, who also know how to do it very well.

In an ideal world without remnants of machismo, this question would not even be posed. And it is true that we live in the real world, but in our hands is changing things by eliminating that feeling of guilt in relationships and sharing responsibilities. That is not a woman’s fault that a man’s mind can imagine.

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