How To Say NO To Your Tough Boss

Imagine that your boss just gave you a job and you have no idea how you can do it. On the other hand, it seems ill to tell you that “no”  I cannot do it.

What do you do in this situation?

Know that you can refuse to do anything to your boss, provided you have the appropriate reasons. But how to present this decision to your boss?

Above all you will have to explain to him very well and with confidence your reasons and in a way that your boss realizes that he reflected before talking to him. Also, do it in advance , so he has time to delegate the task to another employee.

If the reason you cannot perform such a task is because you do not have enough time, give it a list of all your daily tasks and rationally prove your lack of time . If he was not the one who gave you all these tasks, he may not even know all his duties and probably will take action on that. If it was he who gave you all these jobs, he may be wanting you to dedicate yourself to the new project.

If you think this project can hinder your other tasks, explain it to them. He will appreciate your honesty and dedication to your other obligations .

If you do not have the skills to do the job, admit it to your boss. It would be worse to pretend that he knows how to do something he does not know. Ask her if, for future activities, this knowledge will be needed. If the answer is yes, make it clear that you will do your best to learn what it takes and as fast as possible.



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