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Did You Know That You Need To Visit These 10 Places In Kenya If You Are A Budding Entrepreneur? Part 1

If you love making money, you have to keep exploring new avenues, you can’t do this is a single place or town, you need to keep walking.

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You learn so much, and you become diversified. You level of thinking expands and you are made to think limitless.

Here are 10 places you need to visit in Kenya and why you need to visit the places if you are a money making horse power.

  • Busia/Malava/Namanga Tanzania Border

Moving across East Africa, needs you to know these common border points, and your business would at a point go regional

  • Lake Victoria Port

Besides other land locked ports, Kisumu port is such a behive of activities, making it worth for a visit, but one can still opt for others like Naivasha and Nakuru

  • Marsabit

It falls into Kenya’s harshp hit points, here the land is bare with no or less water. Visiting this places just makes you appreciate the resources at your town and go back to make use of them

  • Konza City

Hailed as Kenya’s technocity, it is arguably the best place you can dine at, even though it is still in progress, you must learn about tech

  • Maasai Land

You gotta learn about Kenyan culture, so that your goods and products are African or Kenyan fused. And Maasai’s would be a good date.

  • JKIA

The largest airport in East Africa, need to learn on how to land ut of Kenya. And all about foreign relations

  • SGR Mombasa Terminus

SGR has come forth with good transport, and this would lead to better movement of goods and people than before. It will coast you less than sh.14000 and you shall learn so much

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