Makini School Scholarships Open For Applications

Makini School is driven by a singular purpose, to put quality education within the reach of every student.

At Makini they aim to develop and educate the whole child by offering the Kenyan curriculum at global standards.

Makini Schools is committed to recognizing and supporting students’ excellence.

They are also committed to the highest standards of academic excellence and dedicated to providing the best possible education for students by developing the knowledge, understanding, skills and values essential for self-directed, life-long learning.

Makini School will develop in intellectually capable young people the creative minds, healthy bodies and ethical spirit needed to contribute wisdom, compassion and leadership to a global society.


The Scholarship Committee considers the following criteria when distributing scholarships:

1. Personal suitability

Your Personal Statement should be no more than 1 page and should include the following:

  • Information about yourself which supports your application.
  • you have chosen the Makini High School
  • What you think you will achieve personally, academically and
  • Any extra-curricular activities you are involved in which you feel support your application (for example impact on and community involvement, memberships of sporting or community clubs and associations).
  • Why you think you would be a good ambassador for Makini Schools
  • Attitude / experience,
  • Initiative
  • Any international experience, civic / social engagement
  • contribution to the diversity of the student body.

2. Portfolio of Supporting Evidence

  • Strength of Academics and/or Sport / Creative Arts,
  • References
  • Testimonials
  • Academic Performance – KCPE result slip, grades/transcripts, general academic qualification, linguistic qualification.
  • Photographic / Documentary Evidence
  • Work Experience.

3. Attitude and Performance

  • Motivation
  • Determination
  • Commitment to achievement
  • Impact on community
  • Convincing / evidence of motivation to study at Makini.

4. Personal Handwritten Essay

  • The Education Director is responsible for managing the administration of scholarships.
  • Scholarships are available at three points of entry in the Senior School but assessments for scholarships may be conducted at any time throughout the year.
  • Applicants may enter for a scholarship no more than twice in any one year.


  • Scholarships are awarded on merit and will be subject to annual review.
  • They may be held for the duration of the student’s time at Makini High School.
  • Scholarships up to 50% may be awarded and in rare cases up to 100%

Makini scholarships are offered to:

  • Reward and encourage excellence.
  • Recognise outstanding achievement or promise in the disciplines identified
  • Provide regular opportunities for prominence and leadership within a given specialism


For further information or clarification regarding application, please contact

  • The Scholarship Committee at:
  • Makini Schools
  • Address: 21784 – 00505
  • Makindi Road, Nairobi
  • Email: scholarships@makinischool.com
  • Phone: +254 (020) 385 4950

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