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Male Robots With Bionic Penises And Artificial Intelligence Could Reach The Market This 2018

The perfect partner to interact with, have a fun conversation and, why not, sex. No problems, no problems, no ties. A 100% complete experience with which to seek to obtain not only pleasure, but also a company that many seek.

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Madness? Surely for many yes, but the great success of the last company robot created by the company Realbotix called “Harmony” shows that there is a need, and that there are people willing to pay for it, specifically about Ksh.1,700,000.

After the success of the female version, the CEO of the company, Matt McMullen, assures that they are already working on the male and that, if everything goes as expected, it will be on sale before 2019.

This robot can be designed throughout type of shapes and sizes, the sky is the limit and they are willing to satisfy the wishes of those who request it. On the other hand, will come with Artificial Intelligence and a bionic penis with which to maintain a sexual relationship.

Currently, the company already sells this type of dolls for less than Ksh.1,000,000  but without the incorporated robotic part.

It is as if it were a real-life Ken to which elements such as different types of penis can be added: flaccid, erect, large, thick … All the possibilities that they intend to maintain in the new robot. What is not clear is whether the new phallus added to the doll will be able to function on its own.

Of course, they expect these robots to have a way of behaving very similar to their female version: move your head, have facial expressions, wink your eyes … and, attention! hold conversations (we cannot longer know if they will be intelligent or not).

The networks have already spoken and the idea is terrifying, but who knows, maybe it will become normal and normal in a few years.



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