Meet Kenyan TV Anchor Working As Matatu Tout

Meet Robert Ouma, who today is working as a Matatu tout, but few moments away, Ouma was one of the smartly dressed TV anchor, who would have passed in many corridors of power for news item.

But that is life, which can be sometimes humbling even for those who had a proper plan in life.

Robert Ouma, was once a popular news anchor at Switch TV.

In December 2021, a statement released by Sahil Shah who is the chairman of the Media Group saw the life of the young and bubbly man change at a sharp angle.

The statement contained a clear message, that the station was going to make huge changes in order to cope with the ever demanding market.

“In character with our core philosophy of being responsive to the needs of the youth and with the ambition to become the go-to media platform for the young generation, Switch Media has made a conscious decision to build a new strategy around being the first digital TV in Kenya. We hope to grow this brand together with the technology that comes with it. We assure our stakeholders of our continued presence and support,” Shah stated.

Robert Ouma new that he had lost his dear job, but needed to put food on the table and pay bills.

In January 2022, he annopunced to his social media page that he was loving his new job as a tout.

 “an office is nothing but a name, let’s work. Tout of the week. Rongai massive.” 

He also said that he decided to take up the job in order to meet his needs and he does not regret the transition.

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