Meet Married Woman Who Has Been Sharing Bed With 18 Year Old Son

Due to a drunk dad’s brutality, a mother and a son decided to start sharing a bed so as to protect themselves from their violent dad.

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The son, Tanaka Mukosora made the claims at the Harare Civil court in his quest for a protection order against his father Innocent Mukosora.

“Your Worship, my father does not want me to play with other boys of my age and does not allow me to go out.

“He beats me up for sleeping in his bedroom and also harasses me in front of my schoolmates.

But his father denied the allegations and made the case even turn the tables

“My wife denies me sex and this makes me angry and that’s why I sometimes beat her.

“He was sent by his mother to bring me to court.

“She shares a bed with our 18-year-old son and whenever I come back from work, I see our son sleeping in my bedroom so that is why I sometimes get angry,” he said.

But the son was given the case in his favor by the presiding Magistrate Nyasha Marufu,

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