Ministry Reveals How CS Echesa Was Caught In The Human Trafficking Saga

The Ministry of Sports, Culture and Heritage has distanced itself from the latest saga stating that CS Rashid Echesa was not involved in the human trafficking saga.

The only mandate CS Echesa played was to help Pakistani women in application of special passes to participate in an Indian cultural festival through the issuance of a letter of no objection as part of his ministry’s mandate in promoting cultural integration.

“The issuance of a letter of no objection was informed by a long standing bilateral agreement for cultural exchange between the Government of Kenya and the Government of Pakistan for cooperation and exchange in areas of art, culture and music,” the ministry said in a statement signed by the director of administration, Mr Charles Wambia.

The eight girls had been kept in a safe house after the Senior Principal Magistrate Kennedy Cheruiyot of Milimani Law Courts, Nairobi ruled that they should be investigated for alleged human trafficking claims.

The girls who had been nabbed at a night club in Parklands were all deported on Saturday after they were termed for violating citizenship and migration regulations and getting involved in activities outside their mandate.



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