Monday Motivation- How Japanese Use Sharks To Keep Their Fish Fresh And Lessons Learnt

One of the small states in Asian is Japan which has hosted fish meat lovers for decades.

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Even though they are blessed with a large basin of water around their shores, getting a fish to eat has remained a toiling process for the white meat lovers yet.

This is because the fresh and delicious fish are found deep into the ocean.

The first thought proved fruitful as they made large boats and vessels which could go more miles for fish away from the shores. But the further they went, the more the fish got depleted. This was tactful solving one problem to get another one bigger problem than the one they had.

That when they got back to the shores, the fish was no longer fresh nor delicious . Japanese never liked such not fresh fish.

To solve this, the fishing firms made freezers which were installed on the large boats. At first it allowed boats to go more miles than before, as they could freeze the fish and bring them back when they were frozen.

But the frozen fish meat was not fresh nor delicious again, as the boats went more mile and could take days to dock back making the fish not good for the not understanding consumers.

And the Japanese could get the difference between a fresh fish and frozen fish.

The need for fresh fish and to satisfy their customers made them go beyond their thinking limits.

They had to think what had not though before for the frozen fish obtained low prices.

They installed fishing tanks, large enough to accommodate their daily catches. Then they could catch and stuff then fin to fin in the large water tanks.

This looked like a brilliant idea.

But after hours and days of sailing the fish got tired, dull, and lost their fresh-fish taste.

The fishing industry was bewildered with a huge impending crisis. For many months and years, the Fishing industry came face to face between a hard rock and a mountain.

But today, Japanese enjoy the same fresh and delicious fish from the same waters fished by the same companies.

How did they manage it. They had to break the normal rules of the jungle and do what no one else has ever done.

To keep the fish fresh and delicious, the fish must not be dull, tired nor dead. They trick was to make them stay alive and be on the run just like when they are in the ocean.

They introduced a live small sharks in the tanks. This sharks will keep them on the run, hence staying active and live. It was a good challenge of using a negative phenomena to create a positive action.

We all hate sharks because they deplete fish and they are also dangerous to humans, but that was not the case with Japanese fish firm think tanks

The Japanese fish lovers enjoyed their favorite delicacy while it was in its best taste they had wished, fresh and delicious.


Basically in our lives, sharks are like challenges to us, most of us are tired and dull, not to mention bored with life without challenges.

But the constant problems have kept us on toes.

Put a shark in your comfortable zone and see how your life will positively change in 2018.

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