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7 Things Should Never Do When You Have Just Been Left

Your relationship has not been going for a long time and your boyfriend has decided to leave you. He has not tried to fix things or overcome the crisis, he has simply broken with you and you have gone to pieces.

Now what do you have to do? It is very difficult to get up after the break and you are probably going to make some mistakes because you have nothing clear. But at least we want you to know what you should never do when you’ve just been left.

Forbidden activities when you have just been left

They are moments of weeping, sadness, anguish and desolation. To accompany this panorama so discouraging for your life plans the doubt. What to do? Remember that the pain of rupture also leads to a state of alienation in which you are not you, it is your desperation that acts for you and that can lead you to make some mistakes.

You can always claim that you did not know what you were doing. And in some cases, after a while you can laugh at the nonsense you did those first few days after the breakup. But for your emotional tranquility, you’d better hold back and do not do some things when you’ve just been left.

1. Alcohol. Do not drink to forget, even though it is the favorite activity of the protagonists of the movies when they suffer a break. This is real life and the reality is that sorrows do not drown in a drink because they are expert swimmers. The only thing you’re going to get is going to be adding to your evils a hideous hangover.

2. An explanation. He has left you, you still love him and, above all, you want an explanation that makes you feel better. No matter what excuse I put you to leave you, nothing you say will make you feel better for a while, so do not look for reassuring explanations, look for the way to accept your decision.

3. Calls. Under no circumstances call your ex. Not even if you have forgotten something important in your house. Do not call him at the moment, all you will get is that your self-esteem will crumble a little more and it will take you more time to recover.

4. Whatsapp. Is there anyone in the world who has not sent you an inconvenient Whatsapp to your ex? Nobody, no one is free from this capital sin, but you have to try. Whatsapp in full breach are the enemies of your dignity. When they leave you and you have the feeling of having lost everything, it is best to keep your dignity intact.

5. Requests. Without calls and without messages, the goal is to not ask your ex a second chance. Do not try to keep a person who wants to leave your side, never going well.

6. Social networks. All experts recommend removing your ex from social networks for a while to put the distance you need to recover. All the experts know that you are incapable of doing it as you are also unable to stalke or gossip on your Facebook, your Twitter and your Instagram to see what you are doing and with whom. Yourself, but this is more than forbidden.

7. Bed. You have not followed any of our advice and one of your messages has hit the spot. Your ex wants to stay to talk, of course. Of course you end up in bed. Staying with your ex is forbidden, but you’re a rebel, right? We only warn of the danger.

Most things you can not do when they leave you are related to the figure of your ex. This is because the first few days, when you have not yet accepted that yours is over, your ex centers your life. Have your ex-boyfriend very present these days, do not lower your guard. If you can get past the first week without doing any nonsense, he will go to the background and you can focus on you and overcome the break.



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