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#Njaanuary – 10 Money Moves To Make Before January 2019

There are several good reasons why most Kenyans feel at the edge of their financial stretches during the month of every January.

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The month often referred to as Njanuary is punctuated hard times of money and almost careless borrowing due to financially handicapped guys who would have saved the situation with simple nuggets.

Here are 10 money moves you need to make before entering the month of January 2019.

  1. Understanding that you are paid for January in December before 25th is very crucial. This means your money will now serve you for a period of more than 35 days rather than the usual 30 days. Spread your money evenly.
  2. Avoid purchasing luxury items in December since most are overpriced and have less chances to win discounts. Instead buy school or office items in December and get them at great discount
  3. Set a clear budget for the two months and ensure that every item is allocated enough money, try to cut cost and fit in within your budget
  4. Pay all the necessary bills for January in December immediately you have been paid. Eg rent, electricity, school fees etc
  5. Put some emergency funds aside to help you incase your cash runs out. Ensure that the emergency funds is enough for your limits
  6. Entertain yourself within your limits in December, live your life and do not try to copy the rest, this will help you save alot of cash for January.
  7. Do enough shopping so that you do not need to buy food and basic items in your house during January
  8. Allocate January transport money and let it be enough to help you commute to work or school when necessary
  9. Avoid going into huge debts, take little or avoid at all costs for your own financial safety
  10. Above all, Merry and have fun during Christmas, educate family and friends in your circle so that they do not interfere with your financial  budget and ridicule you for being so economical



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