Police Seize 345,000 Used Condoms That Were Being Repackaged And Sold As New

When it comes to products that should be single-use, condoms are at the top of the series.

In this screen grabbed image from a report by VTV, used condoms are being reshaped before being packed for sale in Binh Duong province, Vietnam on 10, Sept. 2020. Vietnamese police said that they will launch a probe into the case of used condoms intended for resale after a factory was found recycling some 320,000 used condoms. (VTV via AP)

There are a million reasons why you wouldn’t want to use one twice, especially if you weren’t the one who used it the first time.

Unfortunately, that appears to be exactly what was happening in southern Vietnam’s Binh Duong province, where the police broke up a used condom repackaging operation.

As CNN reports, the Vietnam Television First state news agency released the story with video footage from inside a warehouse that was reportedly used to remove and repackage the condoms.

Approximately 345,000 used condoms were seized by the police in the operation, but many questions remain unanswered.

Apparently, the store was taking previously used condoms and simply boiling them for disinfection before returning them to be packaged in wrappers and sold as new. That alone is horrible, but the story is even stranger than it sounds.

According to local news reports, the store owner claims that the used condoms arrived monthly and were provided by “an unknown person.”

Now, that means one of two things. Either the owner is simply lying to cover up who is providing the used condoms, or the condoms do come from a completely unknown source. I’m not sure which one is worse.

A woman who allegedly worked as an employee for the incomplete operation said she was paid well for every kilo of reconditioned condoms she made. So on top of being disgusting and terrible, it even pays very acceptably to work in a used condom shop.

Now, I shouldn’t have to tell you all the reasons why handing out used condoms is bad, even if they were apparently boiled for sterilization.

They are designed to be fashionable once and anything else increases the danger of breaking, which negates all the benefits of using one in the first place. Add to that the fact that they were apparently sold to unwitting buyers and you have a prescription for, well, a horror movie.

It is unclear what charges the warehouse owner or his employee (s) will face, or if the police have been progressive in their search for the supplier.

I want to say, who has faithfully approaching hundreds of thousands of used condoms every month?

That’s a detective novel on its own. The good announcement, I suppose, is that the operation is now closed, but how many others are there? It turns your stomach just thinking about it.

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