Are You Single And Happy? This Is The Formula To Tell With Your Spouse

Are you happy single or have you simply accepted your situation? You may have doubts, but here we are to clarify what you need. There are some signs that you are enjoying singleness so much that you will not want to leave.

1 Enjoy with your friends. Your friends are an important part of your life and you have also chosen your friends well. The best plans are always with your friends and there is no boyfriend to change it.

2 You enjoy yourself. You have learned to love yourself, to like yourself, and to enjoy your own company. Your moments of solitude are very precious and you have no intention of changing your situation.

3 You are independent. You like your independence, make decisions for yourself and do things your way. This is something that is enjoyed much more without a partner, for what we are going to deceive.

4 Your bed. Your bed is sometimes empty, so you sleep placidly and rest as never before. Other times you have company and your bed is the scene of that occasional sex that has so many benefits.

5 You make plans. You make plans, alone or with friends. Your marital status does not mark your pace of life because that already marks you. Festivals, museums, birthdays, retreats or vacations, do not deprive yourself of anything because you deserve everything.

6 You have dreams. We do not tire of repeating that dreams are our greatest personal treasure. We live chasing dreams, sometimes shared, but most of the time personal dreams that encourage us to move forward.

7 You’re empowered. Maybe it’s age, maybe it’s your singleness, or maybe it’s just that you’ve had enough of giving up power to other people. The moment you discover that you are empowered, that power over your life only you have, is the key moment to know that you are happy.

8 You do not sigh. Do not sigh for a blue prince, do not sigh for a love story, do not sigh for a couple. Need more proof that you’re happy single?

9 You feel fulfilled. Your life does not lack anything. Well, maybe a little more money, but in general you know that you’re on the right track, that you’re done or that you’re performing. And you do not need anyone else.

10 You no longer give explanations. One of the most obvious signs that you are happy single is that you do not even bother answering those uncomfortable questions about your marital status. You just smile



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