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How To Save A Drowning Relationship, Easy And Simple

We already know that the relationships of partners are not static and they go through different stages, some better than others.

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For some time you have noticed your partner with little desire, he tells you that he loves you but he tells you in the same way that he tells you to go to the super. We wonder how to know if your partner feels love or inertia to be able to act as soon as possible.

When your partner gets used to love

If your relationship is in that stage in which the custom has become the mistress and mistress of your days, you are in danger of becoming a couple by inertia, something you should avoid at all costs. But the question is whether your partner is with you by inertia or is that he loves you, but more soothingly.

The signs of quiet love, of that love that appears some time after the infatuation has passed, may sometimes resemble the signs of inertia. That lack of desire, that reduction of the passion, those tired looks, without shine … may be a symptom that your partner has stopped loving you, but it can also be that the daily fatigue is taking its toll.

The only way to know if your partner feels love or inertia is by addressing the problem directly. Yes, communication is essential at every stage of the relationship and for one thing we insist on practicing it, because it is the only one that can lead us out of doubts in many situations. The goal for you to address this issue with your partner is to react.

Maybe he has not realized the passion of passion or that it seems that he wants to love you, because it is written. Maybe you have not realized that you want a happy couple and a relationship based on love, not inertia. Maybe he has let himself go, but surely when he replies to him he reacts and brings back his arsenal of love exclusively for you.

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