The Difficult Story Of Ivy, A Girl Allergic To Water

All children are terrified of having a bath, but Ivy Lynn has a good reason: She is allergic to water.

What happens to the little girl of a year and a half is one of the allergies that few of us want to imagine.

Her body has skin reactions when it touches the water, when she bathes, when she sweats, even when she cries.

From the first symptoms her parents made thousands of hypotheses, it could be soap, foam, even some problem with the pipes of their old house, for which, they resorted to many alternatives, such bathing in hotel tubs and using other treatments of hygiene .

A few months ago, she was diagnosed with watery hives, that allergy to water that has become a torment for her and her parents.

Ivy’s mom, Brittany Angerman, fears that this will cause irritation and pain. But even greater is the fear that one day, the outside reaction also happens inside the little one.

Due to the difficult struggle, and the cost of it, Ivy’s mother launched a petition on behalf of the little one, in order to find charitable people who could help them move to a more propitious space to treat their daughter.

The petition in GoFundMe says: “Having very pure water seems to help along with taking my medicine, unfortunately we live in a very old house and the water is not the best, but now my family and I will have to find a new home . ”

The aquaginous urticaria continues being an enigma for science, still it is imprecise if it must be called “allergy” and the reason that causes it

However, doctors explain that the most difficult part of the disease is to cope with the situation that distinguishes them from everyone, and not so much the symptoms.

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