The Lifeless Martyrdom History Of Saint Valentine

Valentine is probably one of the most tender and beautiful dates of the year. February 14th is the day that all lovers have surrounded on the calendar, and certainly it is a season of the most special to share with loved ones. But really, what is there to know about the day that Cupid launches his magic for people in love?

All details about Valentine

1.Cupid. If you want to know more about Valentine, you must become familiar with the story of Valentín, a martyr who was tortured by Christian marriage, or Cupid himself, with a romantic story that made him the banner of lovers.

2. Gifts. Another detail that is always taken into account with Valentine are the material gifts that are exchanged in love. Although Crafts and Do It Yourself are becoming more fashionable, there are also many gifts that can be purchased on February 14: spa treatments for two, massages, perhaps a trip, or a nice detail like a clock or a Bracelet to celebrate love.

3. Details. It is not necessary to spend a very important sum of money on February 14. If you want to surprise the person you love most, turn your feelings into a card. The best postcards are the ones that start the most smiles and bring out the best in us.

4. Single. Even if you are single or single, Valentine can also be a perfect excuse to have a detail with the people you want. Why not give your best friends a rose, write a letter or a note expressing your affection? Love is not only in the couple, but also in friends and family. Wanting to give away on the day that love floats more than ever in the air is the ideal occasion.

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