These Are The Third Names Of Top Nairobi Aspirants, And Why They Are Hiding From You

In Kenya, your third name or rather your surname betrays you, and in Nairobi, your surname may deny you a key deal or a good job, and that is why Nairobi Aspirants are hiding them.

While in mashinani where these surnames are key to political campaigns and even getting votes easily, do not mistake that with Nairobians.

So, here are 7 key aspirants who are hiding their names under their political coats and banners

  • Mike Sonko , Mbuvi
  • Evans Kidero, Odhiambo
  • Esther Passaris, Muthoni
  • Peter Kenneth, Githendu
  • Rachel Shebesh, Wambui
  • Jaguar, Charles Kanyi
  • Millicent Mboina, Wamboi

Politicians are playing safe with their tribal names, the do not want to lose votes!

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