“Unemployment is So High in Africa, Even Relationships Don’t work ” Anne Kansiime Top 10 Quotes

Anne Kansiime used to host the famous show on Citizen TV ‘Don’t Mess With Kansiime’, but she is no more on the Kenya’s top TV.

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Her quotes remains so relevant in our market, she is such a hi;hilarious comedian that she jokingly quotes carry huge satirical messages.

Here are some of her best quotes that will transform your mind set in few minutes.

  • “Unemployment is So High in Africa, Even Relationships Don’t work “
  • I always say this….. Ladies if ur man asks u to abort the baby……tell him to wait until the baby is born then he can kill it himself. You’re not in the business of opening grave yards in ur womb.
  • Being attached to someone is no joke, after they cheat on you, you will even find yourself eating rice one by one for 3 hours ….
  • Because of whatsapp call, some girls are sleeping with make up
  • You will see a post like “I JUST LOST MY MOTHER”
    Somebody will still hit the LIKE Button
    Hello….What are you liking..
  • “I don’t understand guys who date a girl for 2 weeks but still doesn’t know her account number. Like how do you even spend 3 hours without sending her money?”
  • It’s better to fall from a tree and break your back than to fall in love and break your heart.
  • Never laugh at your wife’s choices because you are one of them
  • Ladies Dating a Short guy is fun until you can’t find him at the club and you don’t have taxi money to go home.
  • A man was in love with 3 ladies en he wanted to marry one of them he decided to test them by giving them 1 million naira each, the first one went and bought a car for him,the second one bought him expensive clothes and shoes and the third one invested the money and brought back the money, so whom do you think the married? Men will always be men, he married the one with the biggest buttocks.
  • The way meat is irritating me this January I think I will just eat cabbage till January end…who else is tired of meat?
  • “Agony is having six kids from six different men and still not married to any of them but keep on searching for a marriage partner.. My sister,that is a national team you working on.”
  • Ladies How Do You Date A Guy Without A Watch Though?
    Cause If he doesn’t have time for himself , where will he get time for you?
  • Jealousy is when you see goats having sex and you start throwing stones at them….my brother/sister, are they in your room? Or is any of them your ex?
  • I wonder who told a black person that after drinking with a straw you must chew it
  • “If you’re an ugly girl, you’ve to hustle and get a job, pretty girls don’t bother working hard… So most of ladies who says they are independent are just ugly. You have no choice.”



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