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Valentine’s Day, 5 Alternative Plans Not To Celebrate

The Valentine’s Day is the day of love and it is normal that there are many couples that day celebrate it in some way or another.

But there are also couples who prefer not to celebrate because they believe that this day is too consumerist and that this style does not go with them

Does it sound? Do you also like to celebrate Valentine’s Day? Then you cannot miss these five alternative plans to not celebrate.

  1. Do nothing

This is the simple plan. Forget it is Valentine’s Day even if you see all the streets surrounded by hearts and people with bags of gifts or bouquets of flowers. If Valentine’s Day does not go with you, simply forget that it exists and continue with your normal life.


  1. Watch a different movie.

It can be a comedy, or maybe a horror movie , but what matters is that it does not come out at any minute. So you can enjoy the movie without having to endure romantic topics on that day of lovers.

  1. Celebrate the day of NO Valentine.

It is as easy as you and your partner spend that day to make plans alone. Use that day for each one to do things on his own that he does not normally do that and that at that moment you want to do alone or in company.

  1. Go out to spend the day in the field.

The field is a good option to forget that it is Valentine’s Day. Although you do not like the countryside you can think of other options such as the mountain or the beach.

In these places where nature dominates you will not see a heart that disturbs your day.

  1. Find another special day.

The day that everyone devotes to the day of the lovers does not have to be yours, and if you like to love you do not have to stay without a day to do it.

You can think of a day in the year that is special for you and celebrate your day of lovers in particular, as well as going against the grain you can enjoy your love in a totally special day for you.



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