Violentometer Detects Violence In Your Relationship

Be careful!, React !, You need help! this and more warns you the violentometer. But what is the violentometer? Data from the World Health Organization (WHO) describes violence as the intentional use of physical force.

Other elements that define violence are threats against oneself or towards other people, also towards a group or community and that its consequences can be problems of development, psychological damage, traumatisms or death.

In this regard and in response to the problem of violence in the couple, the National Polytechnic Institute (IPN), creates the violentometer.

What is the violentometer?

It is an instrument that warns about the degree of violence that to a victim, a member of the couple or both.

It is divided into 3 levels differentiated by colors according to what specialists called “the scale of violence.”

The following are the red lights or alerts:

Level 1. Be careful! The violence will increase.

Level 2. React! Do not let yourself be destroyed.

Level 3. You need professional help!

These levels are accompanied by specific actions, as they progress, intensify the colors of the different levels.

The IPN clarifies that the manifestations of violence shown in the violenceometer are NOT necessarily consecutive, but can be experienced in an intercalated manner.

In fact, it shows from the most subtle manifestations of violence, followed by the most obvious and, finally, the most extreme manifestations.

The WHO also created the World Campaign to Prevent Violence, this campaign aims to raise awareness about the problem of violence to understand its causes and consequences.

Violence in the couple has cyclical behaviors and begins with emotional tension, uncontrollable aggression followed by reconciliation.

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