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What Your Facebook Status Says About You

Are you one of those who share photos of your trips? Or write jokes to make your friends laugh? Your Facebook statuses reveal much more of your personality than you think.

A study by Brunel University explains that all states mean something and reveal the personality of the author. According to your way of being, you will tend to publish certain things. For example, a narcissist is more likely to exhibit photos in a bikini.

The five personality traits can be applied to know what a user will share. These are: extraversion, openness to experience, responsibility, kindness and neuroticism.

The posts have different objectives, such as: being validated by others, expressing themselves, connecting with others or sharing useful information.

People with lower self-esteem are prone to share states related to their partners to reaffirm their relationship.

On the other hand, narcissists publish about their diet and exercise as a form of expression, without being too interested in the validation of others.

Extroverts post about their daily activities to connect with their friends, and neurotics often complain to get the attention of others.



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