WhatsApp New Feature Allows Users To Reject Group Invitations

All users of WhatsApp are aware that we are in groups where we would not want to be and the instant messaging platform heard those screams of despair.

It is already a fact that will give us the opportunity to accept or not be added to these chats.

Through its official blog the application explained that they are introducing a new feature so that their users have more control over who adds them to a group.

This function aims to give users more control over the group messages they will receive as of April 4.

To activate the feature is necessary to go to “settings, account, privacy, groups” and select one of the three options available on those who can add them to groups: “nobody, my contacts or all”.

In case of selecting “nobody” we will only receive invitations through a private conversation that will be available to accept or reject in a period of three days.

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