Why An Infant Was ‘Kicked’ Out Of Parliament Today

Kenya’s Parliament had uninvited guest when Kwale Woman representative Zuleika Hasan got into the National Assembly Chambers with her five-month-old baby on the morning of 7th August 2019.

She was however ordered to take her baby out of the chambers by standing speaker for the day, Christopher Omulele.

However, a section of male and female MPs objected the move and objected the speaker’s move.

It prompted the speaker to call the sergeant-at-arm to evick the lawmaker

“As much as she has a right to take care of her child, this not the right place, I therefore direct that you immediately withdraw from the chambers,” orders Mr Omulele.

While outside the chambers, the breasfeeding mother explained why she carried the baby into the chambers.

“I had an emergency and decided not to miss work but come with the baby. She is not an atomic bomb and can’t explode,” Ms Hassan said.

Parliamentary Service Commission (PSC)  in 2013 passed a bill that would create a special room for the nursing mothers.

Ijara MP Sophia Abdi questioned why there was no a special place for breastfeeding despite the existing law

“This child has a right, if they don’t establish a breastfeeding room then we will urge all women with breastfeeding children to come with their children in the chambers so as to send a message,” Ms Noor said.

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